Freqently Asked Questions


1. What is the Subtle Energy Activation Device (SEAD)?

The SEAD is a very high frequency air core resonant transformer, which charges vacuum plasma tubes filled with noble and common gases (Air, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Krypton, Neon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water Vapor and Xenon,). It simultaneously transmits through the vacuum plasma tubes a highly intricate broad spectrum of biophotonic radio frequency waves. These waves consist of ultrahigh electromagnetic frequency harmonics, ranging from about 750 KHz up to 3 MHz (million) extending up to 300 GHz (billion).

2. Brief history of the development of the SEAD technology.

The SEAD device is based on the technology of Georges Lakhovsky and Nicola Tesla. Devices of this type are commonly called Multiple Wave Oscillators (MWO's), a term derived from the high frequency wave oscillations that the units produce.Lakhovsky, a Russian electrical engineer who emigrated to France in the 1920's believed that cells are electrical in nature. His published work called The Secret of Life (1935) demonstrates this theory. Lakhovsky showed how cells manifest the electrical properties of resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These characteristics when properly configured create resonance. He observed this oscillatory nature of healthy cells and the fact that, during an invasion by microbes, the cells entered into a state of oscillatory disequilibrium or disease. Lakhovsky went on to observe that high frequency radio waves could energize malfunctioning cells, due to the spiral helix or coil found in each cell (RNA-DNA) that acted as a receiving antenna for the radio waves the MWO's produced . Both Tesla and Lakhovsky felt that high frequency waves were beneficial to plants and animals and that low frequency (60Hz) was harmful. The MWO device generates frequencies that are characteristic of living organisms (from 750 kHz up to 3 MHz and harmonics which extend up to 300 GHz). Once the cell was energized, waste would be expelled and nutrients would be ingested. Lakhovsky's research demonstrated how the application of an external electrical field (generated by the MWO) was able to do this. In 1925, Lakhovsky began to use argon gas in copper tubes for the antennae of his Multi-Wave Oscillator . He found that certain inert gases, when charged by high frequency currents, helped stimulate cellular development by speeding up detoxification.

3. How does the SEAD work?

The SEAD emits "information" to the body via precision ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic energy and photonic light harmonics to cell energy fields. It produces this information through the vehicle of "noble gas ionization”. There is a long tradition of research into the energetic effects of photon producing noble gases. An optimal mixture of xenon, argon, helium, oxygen, and others, are enclosed in specially designed quartz crystal tubes and are excited by electromagnetic energy that causes an energy plasma field to emit from the tubes.Critical to an effective instrument is the complexity of the circuits that generate the waves, or frequency patterns, of the information. Our SEAD has optimal circuit design for this purpose.In order to be completely effective, all health balancing must be addressed at several levels: organ, tissue, molecular, atomic, quantum, mental, and spiritual.If you break a leg or have a damaged kidney, an M.D. will work on that physical problem quickly. He'll set and mobilize the leg or remove the kidney. However the roots of health problems are subtler. Some issues can be resolved through better nutrition, which alters all the tissue in the body (perhaps changing it from being too acidic to alkaline, etc.). Sometimes the problem is deeper and molecular intervention needs to be involved. Sometimes even deeper imbalances require atomic alterations. The SEAD is designed to work on this level.There are many forms of bioenergy in the human body: metabolic energy, bioelectrical energy, and biophotonic energy. Science has proven the cells use this energy to communicate. We are not just flesh and bones; we are infused with a subtle yet powerful form of energy, which cannot be seen by the naked eye or under the microscope.The cells of all living creatures have electronic functions, including circuits, radiation and wave structures. The electronic functions and wave structures of diseased cells differ from those of normal cells. Biophotonic technology’s unique impulse wave structure is designed to reinforce the body’s essential electromagnetic field information (aura) to correct diseased cells; it is also intended to revitalize the body’s most basic immune system, the bone marrow.Recent studies show that stem cells produced in the bone marrow are the body’s quintessential repair and immune system component. A robust production of healthy, undifferentiated stem cells is essential to help the body repair damaged tissue, attack pathogens and cause diseased cells to die.A microscopical study of living blood shows electronically stimulated mitogenic wave information accelerates the bone marrow’s production of stem cells.

4. Why does this technology work?

The key to understanding why this technology works lies in the concept of vital energy. According to the field of quantum physics, the molecules composing the physical human body are actually just a form of vibrating energy. In fact Albert Einstein concluded that matter and energy were actually perfectly interchangeable — i.e., all matter is frozen energy. Equally, everything around us is energy; it all just vibrates at different frequencies. Just as X-rays, radio and television waves, ultrasonic waves and microwaves have different frequencies, so do the various systems of the human body and the world around us.The cells of the body actually emit pulses of light which scientists surmise may be part of a sophisticated communication system to organize the actions of cells within each body system.Past research shows that directing specific energy frequencies at the body can help bring it back into balance by a form of “entrainment”, encouraging diseased parts to vibrate at the right frequency once again.All cells capable of reproduction contain in their nuclei "filaments" of highly conductive material surrounded by insulating media. This filament, which might be the RNA-DNA complex, is always in the form of a spiral or helix, in other words, a coil. Therefore, each will react as a tuned circuit if its resonant frequency can be approximated by external oscillating energy.By exciting the nuclei with electromagnetic energy, a "charge" can be induced by the long established principle of electromagnetic induction. This demonstrably raises the energy level and perhaps the vitality of every cell in the field simultaneously.Since each cell is individual and of slightly different physical dimensions the exciting wavelengths must be multiple and must span a broad frequency spectrum.The SEAD is designed to generate electromotive force to raise the cell's metabolic rate by electrolysis, and perhaps jog the RNA-DNA "memory" and reproductive capabilities to their level at an earlier, younger age, thus stimulating rejuvenation. Even more subtle changes might be postulated, such as a magnetic "progression" of effects as evidenced by heavy water in magnetic fields.Perhaps, in cancer, EMF can raise the vitality and memory of marginal cells to normal reproduction levels. In the case of other diseases, perhaps cells given higher energy levels can more readily throw off affliction.The SEAD radiates an ultrahigh frequency broad bandwidth of electromagnetic and photonic (photons that are created by the vacuum tubes filled with gas known as positive energy on the device) energy (NO microwaves, gamma or x-ray, are emitted). By actual measurement with a spectrum analyzer this vast bandwidth of frequencies and harmonics can be shown. A fluorescent lamp held anywhere within several feet of the device glows brilliantly. Within this multiwave range of frequencies, every cell in the body should find its ONE resonant frequency and absorb energy at its own natural wavelength.Electrostatic energy cannot penetrate the body; this is known as the "skin effect". The electromagnetic and photonic components of the energy, are designed to induce an EMF in each cell. It is precisely this type of energy in general, to which Dr. Georges Lakhovsky attributed his almost “miraculous cures".

5. Who created the original multiple wave oscillators on which the SEAD is based?

It is safe to say the original design was developed by Nikola Tesla. When Lakhovsky did his first experiments he was not able to make his equipment work. He contacted Tesla who gave him the design he had developed in 1898.

6. Why does the SEAD look so different than the original multiple wave oscillators built by Georges Lakhovsky?

Although the SEAD is based on the technology of Lakhovsky, Tesla, and Rife, it is a highly advanced 21st Century device. We have gone the extra mile to build a unit with modern technology to greatly advance the power and effectiveness of the original work. For example, the original MWO used two coils that a person would sit between. It was later discovered that the receiver, or non-electrified coil, was not necessary since the patient was the receiver. Therefore, it was only necessary to provide a transmitter. Lakhovsky also believed that the more harmonics that could be created the better the results and he started using Argon filled copper to enhance the field of energy. We have taken that to the next level by using a full spectrum of special gases. Some of these gases were successfully used by Rife in his work. As a result, the SEAD generates a full spectrum and harmonic rich environment.

7. How does the SEAD differ from a Rife machine?

They are in the same category of technology, but completely different. Rife is designed only to blow apart pathogens one frequency at a time. SEAD produces virtually all frequencies that are compatible with the body’s own natural energy system and is designed to holistically target all issues that respond to this energy (we haven’t found too many that don’t) at once to devitalize pathogens and re-establish normal cell frequencies. There aren’t any real Rife devices on the market and all those we’ve seen that claim to be are not built correctly; we love what Rife did, but without his Universal Microscope, even a true Rife device would be unreliable at best. Our technology is far more advanced, reliable, effective and simpler to use than Rife.

8. What is photonic energy and why is it important to health?

The health of a human organism depends on the quality of energy it is able to maintain. Photons are considered the purest and highest waveform of energy known. Physicists emphasize that the photon is eternal, very dynamic and always in motion. Photons are the means by which one physical element changes into another (transmutation).Certain studies indicate that the effects of photonic energy on the body can be profound. All cells contain DNA, which is the blueprint of living molecular organization; DNA is the functional unit from which the whole organism is built and constantly rebuilt. The quality of energy (vibrational rate) coursing through the cells determines the health of the body; healthy cells vibrate at a very high rate. Whether DNA sends an RNA messenger to initiate functioning depends upon the quality of vitality in all feedback systems in the universe of the human body. The quality of energy feeding back to the DNA is dependent upon the density and vibratory energy rate in the chain of pi-electron clouds throughout the system. Electrons love photons. The electromagnetic fields produced by electrons attract photons. Photons are emitted and re-absorbed constantly as bioelectric and biomagnetic currents course through the nervous and circulatory system. As photons move, they generate three-dimensional rotating magnetic fields around themselves that are highly beneficial to living organisms.There is a significant body of research suggesting that, when the cells do not get enough electromagnetic and/or photonic energy (due to stress, toxins, etc.), they become susceptible to degeneration and disease. Our experience has shown that saturating the body with a complex deep broadband photonic energy spectrum rich in ultrahigh frequency harmonics, helps the body recover from serious health issues (pathogenic and age related), keeping it vital and strong, and long-lasting.A study of dielectric spectroscopy reveals that most of the cells in our bodies absorb energy in the frequency range of 10 KHz to 1 GHz and beyond through a number of different mechanisms. When they absorb energy, they increase the membrane potential and become more vital.The SEAD is unique in its ability to produce and saturate the body with a highly complex deep broadband photonic energy spectrum rich in ultrahigh electromagnetic frequency harmonics. This special energy is intended to increase the vibratory state of all cells in the body to make them resistant to health issues.

9. What is Subtle Energy?

Subtle Energy pertains to a panorama of natural neuro-electrical frequencies that the body generates and assimilates to facilitate optimal cell function. Scientific research now proves the existence of a Subtle Energy Field in and around the human body. Chi, Qi, Prana and Life-force are other names for Subtle Energy. Eastern traditions consider illness to be a blockage and/or imbalance of Subtle Energy.

10. Does the SEAD balance and promote free flow of the Subtle Energy Field?

Yes. The SEAD generates five kinds of energy (biophotonic, electromagnetic, bioelectrical, light frequencies and audio frequencies). The SEAD broadcasts these energies at ultrahigh frequencies with increased amplitudes and at many different wavelengths. The effect is to revitalize and harmonize the body’s communications system, which returns the body to its equilibrium by balancing the Subtle Energy Field and promoting its free flow.

11. Why are the gas tubes necessary?

In 1925, Dr. Lakhovsky began using argon gas in copper tubes for the antennae of his Multi-Wave Oscillator. He found that certain inert gases, when charged by high frequency currents, helped stimulate cellular development and regeneration by speeding up detoxification.SEAD Technology generates frequencies that are characteristic of living organisms (from 70 kHz up to 3 MHz and harmonics extending up to 300 GHz — i.e., three billion Hertz).Each Subtle Energy Activation Device is built to last under the most demanding clinical environments. Only the highest quality hi-tech components and materials are used in the construction of each SEAD.

12. What is the long center tube for?

The gas in the center tube is Air. The center tube is designed to resonate with life force energy, AKA, Chi or Kundalini energy. It is 24" in length, which is the average length of the spinal column in a human body.Air is used because it contains all of the elements that make up our bodies. Our objective is to create as many harmonics as possible to resonate with the wide range of frequencies that exist in our bodies.
The center tube of the SEAD is made of Quartz crystal, which gives off 100% UV that further increases harmonics.
Dr. Georges Lakhovsky, who developed the first Multiple Wave Oscillators, believed and demonstrated that the more harmonics that could be generated the better the results.

13. Might a User be exposed to side effects from SEAD technology?

Yes. If one were to overuse this technology, one might experience what is commonly referred to as a "Herxheimer reaction" or "healing crisis". The reaction has been attributed to liberation of endotoxin-like substances or antigens (substances which cause an immune reaction) from killed or dying microorganisms. Herxheimer reactions are always temporary and tend to last no more than three to six days.Example: with a tooth infection, millions upon millions of bacteria inhabit the tooth and surrounding area. If exposed to the biophotonic field long enough for all the bacteria to rupture at once, you would feel discomfort.With severe infections, the initial detox can be pronounced. Once microorganisms are dead, the body begins forcing them out through skin, bowels, and the urinary tract; large bowel movements, dark greasy urine, rashes and diarrhea are common. Rashes disappear naturally within 72 hours - using medication forces the poison back into the body.Some people experience what feels like a head cold for a day or two ? unlike a real cold though, you normally have plenty of energy.Depending upon the health issues from which an individual is suffering, one may feel tingling, itchiness, dizziness, uncomfortable twinges, and or physical pain (rare), that results when the body adapts to positive changes.Due to dramatically increased physical and mental energy levels, some people have difficulty sleeping following their first few sessions. On the other hand, those with sleeping disorders generally begin experiencing deep uninterrupted sleep after their first few sessions.Women with bladder infections, PID or chronic yeast infections may notice vaginal discharge. Individuals with parasites may see a dead worm in the toilet. The good news however, is the first healing crisis reaction is usually the worst, and rarely is there a second significant detox experience.With daily use, to prevent a "healing crises" from occurring, drink lots of clean water, limit initial exposure time to no more than two to five minute sessions per day for the first couple of weeks.It’s important to keep in mind that even drugs and supplements considered safe enough to be sold over-the-counter without a prescription can risk serious side effects. With drugs[1] and supplements where prescriptions are required to protect against misuse, an even larger risk of side effects exists. Drug and supplement side effects might be as simple as a headache or upset stomach, but all too often we see those that increase blood pressure, cause kidney or liver problems, an increased risk of heart problems, cancer, and in some cases death.

14. Why don’t these frequencies harm healthy cells?

The electronic functions and wave structures of diseased cells differ from those of normal cells. The frequencies produced by the SEAD cause the body cells to vibrate at a rate that makes them resistant to pathogens. Simply put, they stimulate them vibrating them so they literally increase the cell’s energy center and subsequently cause the cell to shake off or “discharge” the burden of toxicity. Inherently, the frequencies can do no harm to the cell or to the organism as a whole.

15. Can anyone use the device?

Generally yes, however, people with pacemakers CANNOT use the DEVICE. An Electromagnetic Biophotonic Field can damage Pacemaker.

16. Is the SEAD a contact device? Do I need to get hooked up to anything?

No. The SEAD is a transmitter. It penetrates the skin and permeates the entire body – as evidenced by lighting up nearby fluorescent tubes when the unit is in operation. Lakhovsky’s device was a transmitter and not direct contact with the patient was made.Electrode devices, on the other hand, utilize electricity as a medium to deliver the frequencies. Electricity has a tendency to travel along the path of least resistance. Because of the “skin effect,” the majority of the energy does not penetrate the skin making it very difficult to get the applied electrical frequency exactly where it needs to be.

17. Who is responsible for my health—my physician or me?

The answer to this question should be obvious—you and only you are responsible for your health not only right now but in your past, present and future. The prudent and healthiest way to view your doctor is as a consultant; a reference, and hopefully one of many along your path to health. You should ask hard questions and demand frank answers. You need to understand the strengths and limitations of those from which you seek help and the treatments they suggest. Don’t be afraid to pull rank, after all, they’re working for you. If they make a mistake, you’re the one who suffers.

18. Should I maintain contact with my physician during this process?

If you have access to a physician you trust, absolutely. It’s important to get periodic testing to track your progress. If you’re using prescribed narcotics, it’s imperative that the prescribing physician closely monitor your intake. As you experience pain reduction, and healing, your need for medication may change. In the case of terminal patients using morphine, too much morphine intake and withdrawing too fast from morphine, kill you.

19. How often should I use the device?

The Biophotonic energy field is very powerful, and like anything, it should be used in moderation. Data derived from extensive experiments shows that using the SEAD for as little as one to three minutes every day, twice per day, is sufficient to achieve one’s overall health objectives for an overall healthy individual. For those who have more serious or involved health issues, 20 to 30 minutes two times per day maybe required. It is suggested to gradually increase your time with the device over time.

20. Are the effects of the SEAD permanent?

No. Nothing in this world is permanent, with the exception of death and taxes. The forces of aging are upon us 24/7/365. To stay healthy and young we must constantly do that which supports health and anti-aging.In most cases, disease is rooted in how we treat our bodies, and the way we think. For example: if you have lung cancer, and you continue to smoke, any improvements will be temporary. If your issue is related to diet and you don’t change it, your issues will return in time. If stress is the cause and you don’t find a healthy way to deal with it…you know the answer.

21. Does relief of pain mean my issue is completely corrected?

Not necessarily. It’s not unusual for experimenters to report experiencing pain relief within a couple of days. Depending on the cause of the pain, however, more time may be needed to complete the correction process.

22. How long will it take me to achieve my health goals?

As much time as your body requires. No two people are exactly alike and generally, although there are exceptions, this is not a magic wand. Some experimenters report experiencing improvements within a matter of days, while others report taking several months or more; it can depend upon age, the severity of the condition, how often you use the machine, your state of mind, level of toxicity and the changes that you make in your lifestyle. For example: if you smoke, you need to stop; smoke is a poison. If you are constantly stressed, you need to find a healthy way to relax and deal with the stress. If you are eating “junk food”, you need to change to a healthier diet. If you’re not drinking a half gallon or more of pure clean water each day, you need to start. If you’re not taking nutrients…you know the rest.

23. Why is water so important to healing?

Water hydrates the body, flushes toxins out of the body, facilitates proper electrical distribution and balance, and transports nutrients to where they’re needed. Many diseases can be linked to dehydration.It’s important to know that juice, coffee, tea, soda, beer, etc., are not substitutes for clean, pure water, as they dehydrate, acidify and add numerous toxins to the body. Clean and pure water is what the body needs to maintain proper system functions.

24. Are orthodox treatments compatible with the use of this technology?

There are many studies by highly respected medical researchers suggesting that chemo and radiation-therapies actually suppress the immune system and retard the body’s ability to heal. That said, "energy medicine" researchers have reported observing a reduction in the negative side effects of the classical orthodox therapies using "energy medicine" technology (such as decreased energy, fatigue, lethargy, nausea, and improved appetite).

25. Does the SEAD generate x-rays or gamma rays?

No, it cannot generate power required to create those types of wave forms.

26. Does EMF exposure cause leukemia and certain kinds of adult cancers?

In order to properly answer this question, one must first understand what EMF/RF's are and where they come from. EMF/RF's are known as electromagnetic frequencies and radio frequencies. These are damaging, negative frequencies/radiation that are emitted from electrical equipment, such as microwaves, cell phones, power lines both inside and outside of the house, and from thousands of other power sources.Thirty to seventy years ago, one could see the value in different types of radio frequency/electromagnetic frequency (“RF/EMF”) stimulation, but now, when all of us who live in urban or semi-urban areas are constantly exposed to random EMF’s with RF’s across the board, one can see the potential for more harm than good. Some of you have seen the research from Sweden, the United States (Dr. George Carlo), and elsewhere, that links EMF exposure to childhood leukemia and certain types of adult cancers. It doesn't appear that the EMF pollution problem will be getting better any time soon. Rather, the problem will most likely get worse.

27. How does the use of the SEAD device avoid the cumulative effects of EMF pollution?

The problem with EMF pollution is that it is single frequency stimulation. If you get enough energy at a biologically active frequency, it triggers changes that otherwise would not occur. If you live near a radio transmitter, cumulative effects should be expected.The EMF linked with leukemia is specifically 50 and 60 Hz in the magnetic field and even those close frequencies cannot be considered the same. It is known that even “moderate” i.e., 0.5 gauss magnetic fields, in the range of 20-150 Hz, stimulates the migration of ions through various membranes in our bodies. It has been established that 73 Hz stimulates calcium deposition for healing bone fractures. Calcium is very specific to that one frequency, and you have to compensate for the DC "magnetic field" of the earth to make it work. Other ions are sensitive at other frequencies.It would be incorrect to assume that all electromagnetic exposure is detrimental under all conditions. It would be correct to assume that all EMF exposure could potentially cause changes, good or bad, until proven otherwise. It has been proven by Becker and Marino that DC currents as small as 5 nano-amps could trigger major healing effects and the re-growth of severed limbs. It can also reverse cancer growth and result in tissue regeneration. In the 1930’s, Dr. Royal Rife claimed that he cured 16 out of 16 terminal cancer patients by exposing them to strong EMF, at very carefully selected frequencies, over a period of 90 days for three minutes every three days. The energy was intended to resonate and destroy disease producing pathogens.

28. Is it true that this device can enhance other unique qualities such as clairvoyant observations?

Yes. The unit emits light or frequencies similar to the healthful rays of the sun. It opens and vitalizes charkas, channels and nadis within the physical, psychological, energenic/auric and spiritual bodies. It can also place the user in the alpha and theta state and enhances the 8th (soul) chakra, allowing a clearer, cleaner flow of soul energy into seven bodily charkas. It also enhances the connection to charkas nine and ten, allowing communication with beings that work with cellular and soul archetypes. It works the pineal and pituitary gland in such a way that creates an energy configuration (an infinity symbol, ∞) around these glands that harmonizes the sixth and seventh charkas, creating a balance that allows the other charkas to harmonize as well.

29. What are the basic operating frequencies upon emission, considering harmonics being produced?

The frequencies produced are intentionally “broadband,” therefore, the exact frequency is relatively unimportant. There is a fundamental frequency determined by the geometry of the coil construction, and a large number of frequency components contributed by harmonics, plasma activity, ionized gases, acoustic resonance, etc.

30. Why haven’t I heard of this incredible technology before?

Both Tesla and Lakhovsy and even Rife technologies have all been repressed, even distorted for years. To help you fully understand the suppression of these technologies from the another perspective, read any of the following books by the medical reporter and author, Barry Lynes.

  • The Cancer Cure that Worked! 50 Years of Suppression
  • The Healing of Cancer
  • The Cancer Conspiracy The American Medical Association’s Suppression of Royal Rife’s Stunning Cures for Cancer and Other Diseases