About Us

About the Founder

 “I want you to understand my passion for this technology. Understand the love, respect and awe I have for what this technology can do, not just for the individual but for the universe in its entirety”

—Gail Wendel,  2006

 Gail Wendel is the President and founder of energizeforhealth.com.  She has a Doctorate in Naturopathy (N.D.), a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy, a degree in Massage Therapy, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and other associated degrees in the arts and sciences.  She is a nationally board certified colon hydrotherapist with certifications in iridology, reflexology, electro acupuncture, TM, Reiki, IET,  fingernail and tongue diagnosis, color therapy, color puncture,  TFT, and many more. In addition, she has acquired information and certifications in other modalities including, lymphatic drainage, myo-fascial and craniosacral therapy.  Ms. Wendel utilizes a combination of her diverse education, training and experience in order to provide a comprehensive treatment approach for each individual to improve health and well-being through alternative therapies.  For more information about Dr. Gail Wendel and her practice visit Complementary Health Concepts 

Mission Statement

 The company’s goal is multi-faceted. Simply stated, the company’s goal contains the following belief system.

  • To always seek knowledge.
  • To always seek truth.
  • To always assist those in need.
  • To always seek enlightenment.
  • To acknowledge and respect a higher power.

Furthermore, the company’s goal is found in the belief that is meaningful/purposeful.

  • To help others that need assistance with the personal and/or health related problems so that they can make the necessary changes in their life.
  • Directed toward helping people of all races, religions, ethnicities and sexes, regardless of social or financial status and without judgment.

Our first responsibility is to the well being of our clients. We will meet this goal while trying to consider:

  • Offering the highest quality products and technology on our website.
  • Educating our clientele in the safe and effective use of our products.
  • The effect of our products on the health and well being of our clients.

A certified health practitioner is on staff to answer your e-mails concerning use of the equipment.