Positive Benefits

The SEAD or Subtle Energy Activation Device is an example of an electromagnetic device based on the technology of Nicola Tesla. The SEAD employs a Tesla Coil that is used to create a high frequency electrical field. This energy field is then used to change various noble gasses in an array of vacuum tubes. The result is a radiant field that is intended to simulate the subtle, or non-physical energetic aspects of the human configuration. The activation of the subtle body, combined with a focused mental intent, may enable the user to affect positive changes in their life experience. Some beneficial properties of the SEAD may also be enhanced when it is used in conjunction with meditation and yogic breathing techniques. The SEAD is an experimental instrument available for personal or clinical research only. The SEAD is not for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions. It is not intended to cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease, and is not intended to affect the structure or function of the body.  If you are suffering from heath related condtion please consult a licensed medical practitioner. The SEAD effects, stimulates, enhances all of the following and much more...

  1. Opens the chakras (all 7) and assists in the proper functioning/spinning of each individual chakra-energy field.
    *for those of you who do not know what a chakra is or what or how importent they are to us either do a Google search or contact us.
  2. Stimulates the meridians (Chinese meridians) sending positive, high vibration energy into and through the entire human energy system
  3. Improves and deepens meditative states and gives a sense of peace, calming and well being.
  4. Raises consciousness, awareness and helps improve our foundation for human understanding
    *Consciousness - What is consciousness?  It is one's level of awareness of themselves, their surroundings and of others, frequently viewed as spirit or spirituality.
  5. Improves one's intuitive capabilities (clairvoyance) and one's sense of knowing
  6. Improves one's overall energy level
  7. Expands and heightens our aura (auric field)
  8. Enhances all energy techniques such as massage, cranio-sacral, Reiki, Prana, Chi Gong, Yoga, TM, IET.

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 In general, animals respond more quickly to such treatments as herbs and nutrition than people do. Taking this cue, it seems obvious that the SEAD can have a dramatic impact in healing animals and keeping them from getting sick.In an experiment done by Fournier-Ormonde (a horse breeder), oscillating circuits were used with horses. In all cases a distinctly invigorating effect on the horses became apparent and a favorable influence on the fertility of certain mares was also observed. The most interesting case was one of rejuvenation of a 24 year old stallion. Other unmistakable signs of improvement in their general condition were observed. The eyes became brighter, the coat more glossy, and the skin more supple; in fact the horses appeared to be “full of beans,”as manifested by their spontaneous galloping. Analysis of the horses’ blood after treatment provided more evidence in favor of using oscillating circuits for ailing animals.


The SEAD can be a competitive edge for horses just like it can for humans - as noted in the Athletics section.