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Established and Alternative medicine have a long history of battling each other. New methods and discoveries are always met with sharp resistance, followed by a struggle, until the new idea is either accepted, ignored or suppressed (only to be re-discovered later).

“All truth goes through three stages: first it is ridiculed; then it is violently opposed; finally it is accepted as self evident.”


Some examples of “radical” theories that have now become mainstream follow: Penicillin was actually discovered in the mid 1800’s by a medical student, but because of his position it was written off. Even after its formal discovery, Penicillin was set-aside for years before being tested. In the 1800’s Dr. Semmelweis drove himself crazy after trying for years to get physicians to wash their hands after autopsies and other medical procedures. Pasteur was ridiculed for years about his theory that germs could cause disease. Scores of other pioneers were scorned because their theories and methods conflicted with the common medical viewpoints, including Roentgen and his X-rays, Morton and his promotion of anesthesia, Harvey for his explanation of the circulation of the blood, and many more in recent decades, including: W.F. Koch, Lakhovsky, Revici, Naessens, Priore, Hoxsey and Burton.


The most glaring story of suppression in the 1900’s is the story of Royal Raymond Rife. His cancer cures of the 1930’s are in the beginning stages of re-discovery. Barely enough information survived the destruction of equipment and records to apply his methods in the 21st century. For more information read "Curing Cancer With Ultra Radio Frequencies" by George Lakhovsky.

“It is dangerous to be right on a subject on which the established authorities are wrong.”


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