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CAM is the fastest growing industry in the US today. It is approximated to bring $80 billion into the US economy per year. People are seeking answers to their physical, emotional and spiritual problems in this era of enlightenment (new age era). This shift toward alternative modalities of treatment was predictable. There is no coincidence that this is happening at this point in time as allopathic medicine continues to make people toxic and continues to fail the masses with their ever increasing health crises.

Several popular modalities today that are leading the way in changing the paradigm of health and preventative medicine are chiropractic, naturopathic and holistic ideologies. It is predicted that there will be more alternative practitioners in the future than general practice doctors. It is your right to have freedom of health choices in the United States of America.


Whereas a small shelf in a bookstore might have been devoted to CAM in the early 1980’s there are now whole sections. The Alternative Wellness page is a glimpse of what is ahead. Anecdotal evidence and a few clinical trials show the possibilities of technological devices. From this it is clear to see that the medicine of the future will be dominated by energy technologies.


Electromedicine (SEAD, Rife, Priore, Lakhovsky) is the easiest and most promising area of CAM for healing “incurable diseases.” It is also the most practical for the masses. However, electromedicine will take decades or longer to become more mainstream.

Electromedicine is only beginning to become known by people and organizations that can further its cause. A lot of time and money are necessary to do the studies necessary for FDA approval. Because the costs are more than the individual manufacturers can afford, financing must come from outside sources. Since the return on investment with this field is minimal, it requires a wealthy individual interested in others well being to finance the clinical trials. Organized fund raising and free offers to do experiments by groups like athletics teams, retirement communities or privately funded establishments is also an option.


Although the general public will not become aware of electromedicine for some time to come, it has been brought to your attention. You can benefit from electromedicine by either visiting one of the few practitioners or investing in an effective electromagnetic device that you can use in your own home - for a healthier, more vibrant, and happier way of life. Consider yourself fortunate enough to be aware of this information and to have the ability to make a life changing decision.

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