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There are a number of factors that should be considered when buying a device. I encourage you to research this field and others who sell these devices, and move forward accordingly with whomever you feel most comfortable doing business. Please do not feel pressured by or anyone else in your decision. Your health and well-being are too important.

This section is devoted to the differences between the SEAD 6000, the VIBE and the Novalite 3000. It is intended to show how the SEAD 6000 is better. The Products Page and SEAD Info sections further illustrate why the SEAD 6000 is more effective.

Unfortunately, even though the three original inventors of the SEAD are brilliant with technology and design and have created a superior machine that has been on the market longer than any other similar machines, the SEAD is not as well known as the VIBE machine. This is due to Gene Koonce’s terrific marketing strategies.

Before comparing it is important to note that the BELS technology (the SEAD’s ancestor) is incredibly effective.

Since the VIBE and Novalite are reverse engineered copycats of the BELS unit (as shown in the VIBE and Novalite Origins and SEAD Background sections) the BELS facts that are identically the same for all three are listed first.

SEAD Facts

$7,995 MSRP

  • Discounts for purchase of both AC and DC units
  • Discounts for multiple unit purchases
  • One-year warranty on the machine
  • 30 day money back guarantee on the order (15% restock fee)
  • For purchases outside the United States there is no money back guarantee.
  • No re-calibration of spark gaps needed
  • User replaceable gas tubes
  • Ligher and quieter than other systems
  • Easily portable from one location to another
  • Continuous running (no on and off cycles)
  • Both AC and DC units
  • Smooth, effective and subtly powerful, with deep penetrating, easily assimilated and harmonically balanced energy
  • New technique to enable better assimilation of subtle energy
  • Wider/higher range of frequencies
  • Richer harmonics(in the 6 GHz range)
  • Complete spectrum energy field produced
  • More effective multi-tube arrangement
  • Center tube makes this unit more powerful
  • Increased gas results in more hamonics
  • More effective than VIBE
  • Weighs 25 lbs.
  • Has travel cases available for purchase, custom designed to fit this unit only, which make this system practical and portable
  • Center tube emits the Violet Ray
  • Center tube contents and structure enable body to more easily absorb essential energies
  • Smoother (no jagged, irritating energy)
  • More powerful
  • Dual space spark gaps
  • Additional shielding
  • Industrial grade 15 minute timer
  • Easy tube assembly and removal
  • 0% return rate
  • Maintenance-free and requires no recalibration
  • Durable casing constructed from non-conductive material
  • Each unit hand made
  • This device has been created by the original scientists, reseachers and manufacturers.
  • Is the best, most effective technology for a reasonable and practical price.

BELS Facts

$10,000 MSRP

  • 30 day 90% money back guarantee, like the SEAD
  • For purchases outside the United States there is no money back guarantee.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Larger and more powerful than SEAD
  • More energy than the body knows what to do with
  • Louder than the SEAD
  • Not as easily portable as SEAD – 80 lbs.
  • Requires re-calibration of the spark gap electrodes
  • AC /DC
  • On and off cycles
  • Cumbersome and heavy
  • Does not need to be recalibrated
  • Dual space spark gaps/electrodes
  • Agricultural uses

VIBE Facts

$18,500 MSRP

  • One-year warranty on the machine
  • 30 day, 90% money back guarantee
  • For purchases outside the United States there is no money back guarantee.
  • Shipping costs and down time due to shipping back to the manufacturer for required yearly maintenance
  • Fixed carousel tubes requiring shipping to the manufacturer for replacement of a broken tube
  • No travel case available and expensive/fragile to ship
  • Rough/raw energy produced with significant blow by
  • More energy than the body can assimilate - too much jagged, irritating energy
  • Single spark gap
  • Requires yearly recalibration at owners expense
  • A/C only
  • Weighs 85 lbs. – heavier and more cumbersome than the SEAD
  • Single spark gap/electrode
  • AC system only
  • Cheaper construction, more fragile unit
  • Utilizes a Rodin coil (at the top) – looks cool but is worthless as far as increasing harmonics
  • Has a tendency to overheat, and therefore, requires on/off cycles
  • Created in 2002, the VIBE is virtually a replica of the BELS unit (1995), which is an older, obsolete, less effective system

Novalite Facts

$8,500 MSRP

  • One-year warranty on the machine
  • 30 day 90% money back guarantee on the order
  • For purchases outside the United States there is no money back guarantee.
  • Spark gaps need re-calibration but can be done by owner
  • User replaceable gas tubes
  • Not as light as the SEAD, but is lighter than the VIBE
  • Louder than the SEAD, but quieter than the VIBE
  • Weighs 50+ lbs and does not transport well
  • Not as rich an harmonic field as SEAD
  • Significant blow-by
  • Castors enable easier transport within a single address
  • Dual space spark gaps


$8,500 MSRP

Basically a smaller Novalite with less power, more gas tubes (15 tubes yet let gas than the SEAD), and a different shaped carousel.


As seen by the material provided, the SEAD 6000 AC/DC unit is more advanced technology than the VIBE, Novalite or TESLA STAR. Additionally, even though the AC unit of the SEAD, as well as the VIBE, Novalite and TESLA STAR devices have shown amazing results on a wide variety of conditions the AC vs. DC section shows a benefit that is exclusively offered in the SEAD technology.

If you purchase the SEAD 6000 AC and/or DC and for any reason would rather have another machine, the SEAD 30 day 90% money back guarantee ensures your money returned so you can then go that direction.

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