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AC vs. DC

All of the machines on the market similar to the SEAD operate solely off of AC electricity. The SEAD technology is the only one that also offers DC electricity that has been rectified from AC. As seen by all the testimonials available, past studies and clinical trials already completed, the units with AC (including the SEAD 6000 AC) have amazing wellness and energy balancing capabilities. The inventors of the SEAD discovered (during improving the BELS technology) that rectified DC was even more effective than AC in treating the whole spectrum of conditions. We still make the SEAD 6000 AC, but the vast majority of the individual unit sales come from the SEAD 6000 DC. Even though the DC unit is the best unit for overall wellness and energy balancing, the AC unit does offer specific advantages. Which one is best for you depends on your purpose of purchase. Listed below are advantages of each current.


  • Yin energy (expansive)
  • Pathogenic issues
  • Works from the inside to the outside
  • Deeper tissue penetration
  • Speaks the language the body understands


  • Yang energy (constrictive)
  • Muscular issues
  • Skeletal issues
  • Energy issues
  • Works from the outside to the inside
  • Speaks a language the body has to translate to understand
  • More superficial initially then deeper with time

If maximum benefit from this technology is your primary desire, then both AC and DC machines operating simultaneously offer individual benefits as well as a synergistic effect that is not offered by any other similar machines. Additionally, with package discounts, the cost is still thousands less than competitors' single AC models.

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