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Water research shows that the energy produced by SEAD Technology creates energized structured water displaying the geometrically six sided (hexagonal) crystalline pattern necessary for the reception transmission of energy.

Three of five Nobel Prize winners during the 1990’s won their research in the field of structured water. They discovered that optimal healthy DNA is surrounded, and fully hydrated, by a matrix of water that is structurally different from tap water. Under high powered microscopes, the water, when frozen, forms six sided, hexagonal shaped, ring structures. They were determined to receive and transmit electromagnetic energy, that is, frequency vibrations that power every cell function and structure.

The cell is an extremely complex structure. Structured water plays a dynamic role in cell communication and thousands of metabolic functions, not only for enabling chemical reactions, but also for the receiving and sending of vital information. Structured water is common in young healthy cells, but levels diminish as we age. This active, highly mobile water helps deliver nutrients more quickly, hydrates more efficiently, and promotes cell waste removal much more effectively than the “bound” water most commonly found in older cell systems. Structured water, like healing waters found in places like Lourdes, France, are composed of beautiful, six sided (hexagonal), snowflake shaped, clutters containing hundreds of thousands of crystal water molecules.

When water is exposed to SEAD energy, surface tension is reduced and water molecules that are clumped together and inactive become separate, active and charged so they can easily pass through a cell wall carrying nutrients, removing wastes and re-hydrating the cells.

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