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Due to unhealthy lifestyle choices physically (eating fast food, excess sugar, overeating, smoking, etc.), emotionally (anger, hate, jealousy, fear doubt, anxiety, etc.), and mentally (indecisiveness, domination, submissiveness, procrastination, disorganization, etc.), as well as environmental hazards (pollution, chemicals in agriculture, antibiotics and growth hormones in meat, toxic waste, etc.), our bodies become increasingly sluggish, unbalanced and toxin laden. After extended or intense periods of these abuses, symptoms manifest into a disease.

To regain health, you have to believe it is possible and then set out on one or more paths of healing- some of which are mentioned on the Alternative Wellness page. Depending on your condition, it may be wise to select more than one approach. Since it takes more than one issue to manifest an illness, it may take more than just one approach to heal. Remember, everyone is unique and manifests illnesses differently. That being said, it may require different avenues of healing and you may heal at varying rates.

The SEAD machines are one approach that should be the foundation of any health program. It is designed to rebalance the body and restore it to equilibrium, enabling the body to heal itself and maintain health. The results provide an individual with an ensuing higher quality of life. The means by which this is accomplished are explained in SEAD Info, Alternative Wellness and Benefits / Effects Sections.

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