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This website was created to educate and inform you about the SEAD technology. This device generates frequencies that can help with a multitude of issues and conditions. It was created to promote or enhance one's level of consciousness, spirituality and to help people come to terms with their emotional baggage, i.e., it will show you what your issues are.

SEAD is an acronym standing for Subtle Energy Activation Device. The SEAD is a specific as well as holistic device. It specifically enhances cellular function and the immune system, while holistically exposing the person to life promoting subtle energy (what is referred to as Chi, Qi, Prana, Life-force, or Bio-photons).

This technology is designed to balance and harmonize the body-returning it to its natural equilibrium (as seen in a healthy child) as well as raise the vibrational rate of the atomic structure. This leads to a healthier and more desirable physical, emotional, mental and spiritual livelihood. Noted results are better health, wellness, clarity, and higher states of consciousness.

The fundamental technique of a SEAD is to saturate the body with a plethora of high frequencies and harmonics at many different wavelengths-with increased amplitude of oscillations. The SEAD creates a high-energy field in and around the body through sympathetic resonance (matching ideal host cellular frequencies), which enables each host cell to select its most needed frequency, assimilate the energy, and increase its vitality. Additionally, it shifts the molecular structure, causing the micro and macro aspects of the body to organize themselves, function optimally and vibrate in harmony with each other. When the cells/organisms are in sync with one another, the whole body will heal.

Albeit, the technology was created for the above purposes, the end result has been found to not only improve people's spiritual, emotional states, but their mental and physical as well. For whatever reasons, each person is affected differently and to different degrees. The effects may come immediately or gradually over time, although usually quickly, and are often to the positive.

Using this technology is equivalent to doing your own personal experiments. Each person is unique and has his own individual issues, some more emotional, others more physical.

Regardless of the issue, or what you are trying to achieve, the SEAD almost instinctively, intuitively will begin to address those issues. You'll begin to see and feel the difference in yourself as soon as you turn it on. The more you use it, the more you feel it. It does not require more than a few minutes a day to notice the change/shift in yourself and your life. Energenically (physically), the effect is instantaneous.

Consequently, each person may necessitate different time requirements with the device. This may only be known through trial and error. For example, some people can not handle more than 15 20 seconds initially, whereas, others have been able to utilize the SEAD for 5, 10, 15, or more minutes to start. We suggest that less is more, and that you should use common sense when beginning your sessions. Start at approximately 2 3 minutes per day and graduate as you acclimate up to what you feel comfortable with. If you experience a headache or other Herzheimer symptoms, then try reducing the time by half, drink more water and get some rest.

We know that you will have good results. We believe that the SEAD technology will bring you good experiences which will improve many aspects of your life. We encourage you to try this wonderful technology, this incredibly subtle, yet powerfully energizing system.

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