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Experimental exposure treatments with the SEAD range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and with caution and patience up to 15 minutes or more. The SEAD machines are very powerful and effective even in short sessions.

It is recommended to start with shorter sessions and work your way up. This will avoid a Herxheimer reaction (healing crisis) that could result from the cells overloading your system with released toxins (due to excessive exposure, too quickly and too frequently) without giving the body time to eliminate the toxins.

Some websites recommend use up to 10-15 minutes at a time to start. While this may be acceptable for most healthy people- and may even have some pleasant side effects - Energizeforhealth is re-emphasizing that the technology could cause a healing crisis that would be very unpleasant and unnecessary. We recommend caution - especially the first week.

If you start with longer than recommended exposure times, EnergizeforHealth suggests you assist your body by detoxifying the other channels of elimination such as bowel, bladder, lymphatic, skin, and breath. Colon hydrotherapy, manual or electro lymphatic treatments, far infrared saunas, footbath detox treatments, ozone treatments, skin brushing, and juicing with leafy green vegetables are all complementary to SEAD usage. We should add that we would recommend the above cleansing/detoxifying treatments to all regardless as to whether or not they utilize this technology...for their own health sake.


It is recommended not to use the SEAD if you have a pacemaker or are dependent on any other electronic device that cannot be turned off during treatments.

Do not touch tubes while unit is running. Keep metal away from the unit while it is running. Doing either may cause arcing to the tubes and they will lose their vacuum, which will cause them to malfunction.

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