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As explained in the Athletics section, the SEAD has a powerful effect in optimizing athletic performance. In addition to physical enhancement, the enhanced performance is due to the emotional and mental benefits associated with SEAD usage.

Since the SEAD works to rebalance the body and return it to its natural state of equilibrium, it only follows that the SEAD produces an ideal environment for the individual to be more in tune, have clearer meditation and raises oneís level of consciousness.


Ancient Chinese theory about the meridian system and ancient Indian yogic literature about the Chakras and Nadis are based on subtle energy (Chi and Prana), a bodyís aura and how these flow in conjunction with one another. Although western culture did not accept the truths in the past, subtle energy technologies have now been developed to validate the ancient Chinese and Indian theories.


Many studies have been done on the effects of electromagnetism on a human being. In one study (done in the Mu room at UCLA), Dr. Valerie Hunt found that removing electromagnetic activity from a control room caused individuals to become generally disorganized, with a breakdown of emotions. When electromagnetism was increased beyond normal levels, the subjects' thinking became clearer and they reported an expansion of their consciousness. As observed by a healer, their auras became light in color with increased white vibrations.


The SEAD combines a number of technologies that have been studied to work with subtle energy flow and harmony- having a positive impact on oneís aura. Because the SEAD enhances the activity of the subtle energy (otherwise known as Chi, Qi, Prana, or Lifeforce) of a human being, it is clear that heightened consciousness can be boosted by the whole body beneficial effects of SEAD technology.


If there is not a device within close proximity for you to experience the SEADís consciousness effects, units can be purchased, and come with a 30 day money back guarantee (less 10% restocking fee). This is sufficient time to experience and enjoy the SEADís overall effectiveness.

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