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Clairvoyant observers report a wide range of effects in the energy field of the body. The following transcription is typical:

“The unit emits light or frequencies similar to the healthful rays of the sun. It opens and vitalizes chakras, channels and nadis within the physical, psychological, energetic/auric and spiritual bodies. It can also place the user in the alpha and theta state. Enhances the 8th (soul) chakra allowing a clearer, cleaner flow of soul energy into the seven bodily chakras. It also enhances the connection to chakras nine and ten, allowing communication with beings that work with cellular and soul archetypes. It works the pineal and pituitary gland in such a way that creates an energy configuration (an infinity symbol, ∞ ) around these glands that harmonizes the sixth and seventh chakras, creating a balance that allows the other chakras to harmonize as well.

It raises the capacity for release of toxicity. It enhances immune function and the healing capacity of diseased organs, as well as general illness in the body. It takes one's vibration and raises it to a point where one can more easily access interdimensional communication. It allows each chakra to function at its optimum, considering the individual’s level of development. It allows the auric field to expand, creating a greater space for insight as well as inner harmony and peace. The energy of the unit should be considered a vehicle for a conscious intelligent interaction. This consciousness will emit not just energy but intelligence that fill the organism on all levels with a quantity and quality of energy, which focus on areas that are most deficient.

It can be utilized in the garden. As it revitalizes the human body it can revitalize any consciousness, be it earth, plant, animal, fish, or fowl (fire, air, water, earth). It helps to transmute stagnant chi into healthy chi. It opens the doors to fourth and fifth dimensional “bleed through”. What comes through is conscious, and needs to be respected in this way. It’s like being in front of a teacher, but one without agendas. It creates a clockwise vortex of energy. Wherever the machine is turned on it creates a power point, or vortices of energy.”

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