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The SEAD technology should be the foundation for any health program. Its action to restore the body’s balance and return it to equilibrium is the core to regained health. The rejuvenating energy output is also a key to preventing sickness. Georges Lakhovsky found that regular users of his MWO device rarely became sick and in many cases had the positive side effect of rejuvenation (ex. reducing or eliminating wrinkles, etc.). The SEAD systems are extremely complementary and compatible to any health routine.

Most purchasers of the SEAD systems are end users- people looking for an alternative to the costs and side effects of orthodox medicine.

The SEAD systems can have a dramatic impact on your health, whether used alone or in combination with other machines- like a Rife generator, footbath, and/or lymphatic machine.

The SEAD machines can be added to an existing practice for more effectiveness, used as a starting point for a new practitioner, purchased for individual application or family health, or used for research purposes and clinical studies. For those interested in using the devices for research or clinical trials, please contact us to see what can be arranged.

If SEAD use brings about results like the testimonials and historical studies have noted, it will not only provide better health for you and possibly your loved ones, but it would be a wise investment as a long term medical health cost savings.

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