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The following is a partial list of proven methods and other equally impressive systems.

There are numerous natural healing programs available, really too many to mention. But overall, there are some basic concepts that all of us, as human beings (biological carbon units, especially those who are ill), whether we are diseased or not, will benefit from energenically, physically/emotionally and spiritually. For example, cleansing is very important - the body needs detox before it can start to rebuild.

How do you cleanse? Well, there are many ways. One of the most important and effective ways is through colon hydrotherapy. Cleansing the body through the bowel helps to remove old putrid, rotten, impacted fecal wastes, bad bacteria, dead cells, cellular metabolic wastes, viruses, parasites and much more. Try this therapy yourself and see how much better you think and feel and how much more energy you have. Another form of cleansing is by having lymphatic drainage performed on your body, either by a manual or electronic stimulating device.

Neither technique is painful, but could cause you to experience what is known as a healing crisis (Herxheimer Reaction). Bouncing on a trampoline can also assist in this process. Skin brushing, massage, deep breathing techniques, yoga, Transcendental Meditation (TM), walking on sand, reflexology, accupressure, and acupuncture are some additional ways to detox while increasing the body's energy and calming the sympathetic nervous system.

Hydration is critical to the body. The body is made up of approximately 90% water. In order to maintain the body's water balance, one should drink at least half his body weight in water. Water is what allows the biological/chemical/electrical systems/functions to properly function. Water flushes out toxins and reduces the build up of these "bad guys" in the body.

The body is essentially designed to take in what it needs through air, food and water, process it, utilize what it needs and eliminate what it does not use, what it has already used, and unwanted/unneeded toxic elements. This can only happen through proper and effective bowel elimination, hydration and urination, breathing and sweating out through the skin.

Generally, all disease vibrates at low, slow frequencies (fewer than 50 MHz, cancer 42 MHz, death 0 MHz). Also, all diseases exist in toxic, dehydrated, acidic and anaerobic environments (low oxygen). Furthermore, when one's immune system is down, the CNS is stressed, the body is chronically tired and the nutritional and mineral levels are deficient.

Oxygen is critical for the body's survival. You can only last a few minutes without it. Oxygen cleans the blood and body as a whole from toxins/wastes. As we age, toxins accumulate at the cellular levels and cause degenerative diseases to set in. Without sufficient oxygen, it is impossible to clean your blood. This can only mean that it is impossible to clean up your cells, tissues, glands, organs and systems of you body. This is what disease thrives on.

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warberg won the Nobel Prize for medicine. His thesis on the cause of cancer was oxygen deficiency at the cellular level. His message was as clear then as it is now. "Cancer cells cannot live in oxygen." The fact remains that no aerobic disease, virus, harmful bacteria or other harmful germs can not survive either.

Eating foods that are life giving, full of energy, such as deep green leafy plants and vegetables, are also part of the cleansing and maintaining health plan. Of course, going organic would be optimal solution, but it does take some work to locate organic foods, properly prepare these types of meals, and they do cost more. But, surely it will be well worth it in the long run: you will taste the difference, your body will appreciate it, and you will feel better (more energy). Some people have found that they actually eat less, thereby saving money.

Stop the insult. What does this mean? It simply means stop, to the best of your ability, consuming the bad stuff that inherently harms the body or lowers the body's energy levels. Chemicals, preservatives, unnatural sweeteners, heavy metals, drugs (prescription or illegal), smoking, alcohol, are just some of the things that well all could cut back on to help out the cause.

Changing one's PH, from a more acidic state to a more alkaline condition is also very important, since it has been proven that disease can only exist in an acidic environment (ie, bacteria, viruses, parasites, cancer, diabetes, etc.). The formula is 20:1, how much alkaline it takes to neutralize acidity. Once you become alkaline, your aches, pains, decreased energy, chronic fatigue, and numerous other named medical conditions.

Energenic therapies, Reiki, IET, chiropractic cranial sacral, zero balancing and many other effective energetic modalities can also help to detox and relax the body while realigning, balancing and energizing it.

If one utilized even some of the above cleansing techniques or energenic modalities, in conjunction with the SEAD technology, which will detox you in its own right, you will live a healthier, happier and more energized life, while preventing yourself from possible illness.

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