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Allopathic medicine has focused on the study of the nervous system, the organs, the blood, the lymph, the cells and their significance to biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology. It views the body in parts and pieces and looks for conditions manifested through physical symptoms that are caused by an external source. It then tries to isolate and separate the disease from the person to eliminate the foreign invader and control the symptom or symptoms- using drugs and/or surgery. With an absence of symptoms the disease is considered cured.

Allopathic medicine has no theory on health and does not concern itself with prevention. It is best suited to deal with emergency situations and stabilizing patients in crisis.


Alternative medicine comprises a vast array of fields and specialties- a few being mentioned in the Alternative Wellness Concepts section. It revolves around prevention and addressing the cause and is primarily concerned with whole body health. Some modalities concentrate more specifically on individual aspects of the whole being, but alternative medicine as a whole is heavily based on eastern medicineís holistic views. Eastern medicine views the person as an energetic system consisting of the physical body, the emotions, the mind, subtle energy (Chi, Qi, Prana, Lifeforce) and spirit- all working together synergistically. Health is considered to be a state of well being in which the body is vital, balanced and adaptive to its environment with free flowing energy. Illness is considered to be an unbalanced, disrupted or blocked energy flow. Alternative medicine has been proven to be more effective in preventing and treating long-standing, chronic, pathological diseases.


A great deal of emphasis in alternative methods roots (eastern medicine) is placed on subtle energy. Since subtle energy doesnít show up under a microscope or by the common technological analysis devices, medical science has relegated it to the realm of the merely metaphorical. However, the less known discoveries of Nikola Tesla, with his radiant energy, and Dr. Valerie Huntís experiments about undetected energy have shed some light on the situation.


Recent studies have used various advanced technologies to reveal many additional energetic communication systems in the body. Science can now show what ancient medicine has known all along- that these energy pathways and communication systems are the driving force in health.


Alternative medicineís many methods of re-energizing and balancing the body to restore vital energy flow, such as the multi-wave oscillator, Rife technology, far infrared, color therapy, laser therapy, and ozone therapy, allow the bodyís innate intelligence to determine how to promote wellness.

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