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Gail Wendel is the President and founder of She has a Doctorate in Naturopathy (N.D.), a Masterís Degree in Physical Therapy, a Bachelorís Degree in Psychology and other associated degrees in the arts and sciences.

She is a nationally board certified colon hydrotherapist with certifications in iridology, reflexology, electro acupuncture, TM, Reiki, IET, fingernail and tongue diagnosis and thought field therapy.

In addition, she has acquired information and certifications in other modalities including, lymphatic drainage and craniosacral therapy. Ms. Wendel utilizes a combination of her diverse education, training and experience in order to provide a comprehensive treatment approach for each individual to improve health and well-being through alternative therapies.

For more information about Dr. Gail Wendel and her practice visit Complementary Health Concepts

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